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Running Rambles

Make Sure that You’re Running Towards Something Rather than From Something

Runners can spend a lot of time thinking about why they run. Non-runners often quip that they would only run if something was chasing them. For many of us, though, we do feel like something is chasing us but we can’t quite identify what. It’s true that in today’s world there is a lot from which to run. Many of us use our running as “me” time to unplug from a world of demands (digital, cellular, political, and otherwise) that stress us out and seem to demand our constant attention. Thankfully, running provides some clarity in days when our head...

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Running is an “Arms Race”: Keep those Arms Pumping

As a runner, you probably have experienced leg fatigue. Somewhere towards the end of a race (or in the middle, depending on the length of the race), your legs refuse to respond. Your turnover is just not turning over; you’re slowing down despite your best effort. We’ve all been there and it can feel like a bad molasses-filled dream. However, there is a simple technique to wake up those legs and get your cadence back on track: pump your arms! Everyone agrees that arm pumping helps to increase leg turnover, but there’s some disagreement about what specific type of arm...

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Keep It Simple

The other day I was helping a woman try out some shoes when she suddenly exclaimed, “Running is so stressful! It’s just too complicated.” I was taken aback, since I find running pretty straightforward. However, as she explained why she was stressing out, I could see her point. Runners are bombarded with conflicting and ever-changing information. It can feel like finding the right shoes, using the right nutrition, wearing the right clothing, and performing the correct preparation and recovery routine has turned their workouts into a joyless slog. This is especially the case if they’re trying to systematically improve performance...

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The official start of the cross-country season is about to begin and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for every person you know to tell you how to run your perfect cross-country race. I’ve been guilty in the past ( but that’s not going to stop me from doing it again. To save you time, I’ve read a lot of articles and I’ll boil them down for you. First, let’s talk start. Should you power off the starting line like you are being chased by a chainsaw-wielding grizzly bear or should you control your adrenaline and save energy...

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Follow-Up Blog: Recovery!

Every so often, I like to revisit some old blogs, reassess, and offer some new advice on old topics. This week, I am going to revisit recovery. What do we really need to do to recover? In November 2015, I urged everyone to take adequate time to recover from your running. Purposeful recovery allows the body to adapt to the training stimulus. Without adequate recovery, you can find yourself feeling ground down. You might even experience overtraining syndrome or the dreaded “running blahs.” Professionals follow their workouts with extensive recovery measures ranging from a warm-down run, protein and carbohydrate balanced...

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