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Make Yourself Visible

Here's an important running tip for the upcoming month: Daylight hours are decreasing. Be sure to make yourself visible with a combination of active and passive reflectivity.

Active reflectivity includes clip-on lights (The Night Runner 270 allows you to put bright headlights on your running shoes!), wrist-mounted flashlights, and the always-useful headlamp (It’s good to see where you are stepping.).


   Put lights on your shoes                      your wrist                       and your head!


This little clip-on strobe light by Nathan is particularly useful.

Passive reflectivity usually consists of 3M Scotchlite material placed strategically on clothing. Most running-specific outerwear now includes reflective elements. You can make yourself even more visible by wearing a reflective vest. Some vests have active light elements. If you are doing a lot of running in the dark, consider purchasing a highly reflective shoe: very useful since car headlights tilt slightly downward.


This Xinglet vest by Amphipod has a pocket in the front to use your smart phone as a flashlight –– neat!

Saucony’s new Reflex running shoes look rather mild during the day, but become VERY visible when light conditions are low.

Finally, be sure to remind yourself that if you start running in the afternoon it might get dark before you complete your run, so be sure to wear your night time visibility gear even if it is still light when you start out.

What's your favorite way to be seen while running? Please tell us in the comments.

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  • John WIlliams-Searle

    Richard, this does look like a very worth Kickstarter project. The Orfos Flare Pro looks like it opens up a lot of visibility for those running in the dark.

  • Richard

    The Orfos Flare Pro on kickstarter looks like an awesome visibility aid for running, and a superior alternative to a headlamp. I have no connection with them, other than I got the original flares a couple of years ago as bike lights and they are still going strong. I am backing the new version and will use them for night runs.

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