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Running Rambles


The official start of the cross-country season is about to begin and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for every person you know to tell you how to run your perfect cross-country race. I’ve been guilty in the past ( but that’s not going to stop me from doing it again. To save you time, I’ve read a lot of articles and I’ll boil them down for you. First, let’s talk start. Should you power off the starting line like you are being chased by a chainsaw-wielding grizzly bear or should you control your adrenaline and save energy...

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Follow-Up Blog: Recovery!

Every so often, I like to revisit some old blogs, reassess, and offer some new advice on old topics. This week, I am going to revisit recovery. What do we really need to do to recover? In November 2015, I urged everyone to take adequate time to recover from your running. Purposeful recovery allows the body to adapt to the training stimulus. Without adequate recovery, you can find yourself feeling ground down. You might even experience overtraining syndrome or the dreaded “running blahs.” Professionals follow their workouts with extensive recovery measures ranging from a warm-down run, protein and carbohydrate balanced...

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Protect Yourself from the Sun and Improve Your Form

Although you should be protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays throughout the year, the start of summer is a good time to remind yourself of the importance of using sunscreen and wearing a hat when you are going out for a run, particularly if you are running between the hours of 10-4. I wrote all about the necessity of protecting yourself from the sun around this time last year. Here’s the link to the still-relevant blog: Running in the sun is fun – just be sure to protect yourself. All this advice still holds. It turns out...

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Get Moving Early: Consider the Morning Run

If you’re reading this blog, you probably run (at least once in a while) or are thinking about getting into running. Sometimes, however, the running itself is a problem. I’m not talking about injury issues here; that’s another blog (or five). I’m talking about getting off the couch, into your shoes, and out the door. Our multiple obligations seem to chew up all available time. We’ve got bills to pay, families to nurture, kitchens to clean, TV to watch, blogs to surf... it all adds up. Sometimes you can find yourself at the end of a long, exhausting day wondering...

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Beer and Running: The Positives and the Pitfalls

Considering the number of brewery-sponsored road races, drinking clubs masquerading as running groups (The famous Hash House Harriers: “A drinking club with a running problem”), the increasing popularity of the beer mile (a beer before each lap –– current world record: Canadian Corey Bellemore’s 4:34.35 –– how is this possible?!), and the creation of runner-specific beers (Sufferfest Beer Company), I can confidently say that I am not alone in enjoying a cold beer after a hard run (or an easy run, for that matter). Running and beer are longtime companions that pair together well. There is no denying that beer...

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