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Running Rambles

Beer and Running: The Positives and the Pitfalls

Considering the number of brewery-sponsored road races, drinking clubs masquerading as running groups (The famous Hash House Harriers: “A drinking club with a running problem”), the increasing popularity of the beer mile (a beer before each lap –– current world record: Canadian Corey Bellemore’s 4:34.35 –– how is this possible?!), and the creation of runner-specific beers (Sufferfest Beer Company), I can confidently say that I am not alone in enjoying a cold beer after a hard run (or an easy run, for that matter). Running and beer are longtime companions that pair together well. There is no denying that beer...

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Readying Yourself for Race Day

Although there is still a little snow on the ground, it’s officially spring and you know what that means: racing season is here! Whether you are a veteran runner, weekend warrior, or newbie, here are some ideas to improve your race day experience. Get enough sleep in the week before race day. Be sure to get your zzzzzz’s (Sleep is what puts the tiger in the cat) In the week before a race, make sure that you are getting about 8 hours of sleep at night. Chronic sleep deprivation compromises your body’s powers of recovery and concentration. However, if the...

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Shin Splints: Everybody Gets Them; You Don’t Have To

If you are a runner, you have probably experienced shin splints, a generalized lower leg pain just below the knee on either the front outside part of the leg or the inside of the leg. Specialists are still undecided about the source of shin splint pain. It could be the result of tears in the muscle as it pulls off the shinbone or it could be inflammation of the thin sheath of tissue that wraps around the tibia. Regardless of the reason, shin splint pain can range from annoying to debilitating. As with most running injuries things can get worse...

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A Follow-Up Blog

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I like to nerd out and cite to studies about how to train your body for best results. Every now and then, however, we need to check in with what we think we know because new research can sometimes suggest we need to reconsider our previous beliefs. New research also can help test theories and provide some empirical data to confirm anecdotal observations. In the spirit of embracing science and fact-based training, it’s time to do some revisiting. Here are some updates on past blog topics! Running and Your...

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Drink Up! The Importance of Hydrating in the Winter

Runners don’t think as much about hydration during the winter. There are, for instance, fewer acute indicators (“I am so thirsty!”) urging one to drink during this season. Winter hydration is trickier than it might appear, though, so it’s important to to have a season-specific hydration plan. It should go without saying that drinking adequate amounts of water is a Good Thing. Beyond the ordinary advantages to runner health that it confers, water is particularly good for you during the wintertime because it can give your immune system a boost during cold and flu season. However, winter running has its...

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