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5 Preseason Tips

1. CONSISTENCY: Consistent training is the key to success. Without consistent training you never get a real sense of what you’ll truly be capable of. This means showing up to practice everyday ready to work.

2. STRETCHING: This is vital for your training to help preserve and maintain those legs for future days of training. Nobody really likes stretching but it’s a necessity for training. I personally recommend dynamic stretching as you warm up and static stretching for after your run. This is a major key to injury prevention and staying healthy for the upcoming season.

3. CONFIDENCE: During your races be confident in your training and your current fitness level. While racing there comes a time where your legs will not want to respond, but just be confident, push through and you will experience a whole world of difference in your results. Don’t ever let doubt set in during a race or there is no coming back. Mental toughness and confidence will provide substantial breakthrough’s in your performance’s throughout the season.

4. GRIT AND DETERMINATION: Come race time you need to run with a purpose and heart. When the race gets tough, that’s when the brightest stars and breakthroughs arise. Every time you toe the line no matter what race it is, leave it all out there on the track, no exceptions.

5. SUNDAY LONG RUNS: Sundays are the best way to sneak in the extra mileage when coach isn’t around. These typically should be higher mileage days depending on how your legs feel from that week’s training. This, come race time, will provide great strength and endurance for late in the race.

6. ONE DAY AT A TIME: Each day of training is a brand new day. Don’t be caught up on how your training was yesterday or the days before that. Take it day by day, people get too caught up on how they felt in the previous days and training cycles. Runners need a short term memory. If you simplify your training to a single day at a time, results will come and you will be mentally more prepared for what’s to come.